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Constructions Electriques RV - Entreprise

Created in 1940 in an industrial world that was focused upon the mechanical, the company Constructions Électriques RV rapidly gained a foothold in the economy and opened the doors to success.

In 1979, the company became affiliated to the Groupe Union de l’Énergie (Energy Union Group). In 1981, it moved to its present site near Le Puy-en-Velay, making the most of its 5000 m² area. This investment enabled the company to increase its production considerably during the 1990s. Both1999 and 2000 saw the company continue to invest and equip itself with additional means to support its customers in optimising their costs. RV developed a joint-venture with a partner in China to optimise raw materials purchase costs and opened a low-cost production unit, named Tunelec, in Tunisia.

This constant quest has enabled our company to achieve worldwide recognition and thus to export 40% of our production throughout the world.

RV goes yet further by offering its customers a double service:

  • Development and commercialising finished products
  • Provision, via sub-contracting, of its high-performance machines

In the meantime, in 2007, a financial holding, R2V Corporate, was to see the day, the objective being to unite three companies: Constructions Électriques RVJF Industries Electriques and Tunelec. In early 2015, the company A2E joins the R2V Corporate group, meaning that the group now employs no fewer than 300 staff.

Tomorrow, RV will continue to invest to pursue its development and to support its customers in their drive towards excellence.

RV, state-of-the-art tools

The manufacture of circuit boards is carried out on our automatic lines (SMD mounting, automatic device insertion, wave soldering, vacuum encapsulation). Thanks to our different quality control mechanisms (in-situ tests, functional tests, automatic visual inspections), our teams guarantee that an optimum quality standard is achieved.

To meet the demands of the market, certain types of production are carried out in low-cost countries (Tunisia and China).

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