Checks and quality control

CONSTRUCTIONS ÉLECTRIQUES RV is ISO-certified for all of its activities:

Quality management system: ISO 9001-2008 certification was achieved in March 1993.

ISO 13485 certification is underway and awaiting validation.

RV can also accompany its clients in their drive to achieve even stricter certifications: ATEX – EN 298 2012 and EMC pre-compliance testing


CONSTRUCTIONS ÉLECTRIQUES RV uses various means of quality inspection:


  • 1 AOI (Automated Optical Inspection) GOEPEL+ inspection and modification posts



  • 2 SPEA EASY TEST 100 (Contact probes interface)
  • 1 SPEA 3030 (Contact probes interface)
  • 1 SPEA EASY TEST 500 (Contact probes interface)
  • 1 SPEA 4040 (Mobile probes)



  • Testing carried out in-house with LAB VIEW

Constructions Electriques RV -  Contrôle et qualitéConstructions Electriques RV -  Unité de productionConstructions Electriques RV - Controle et qualité